What projects do you have on your plate right now (or around the corner) that could use some serious geek expertise? Sales Kits? Presentations? Redesigns? New Business Development? Turn Key Solutions?

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If you attempt to do strategic planning yourself, will you see the hidden problems? Will you challenge your unquestioned assumptions? Will you get the best results?

Key Roles We Play in Business Development 2.0 Plan
Special Projects Designer. Create forward thinking designs and custom tailored graphics from concept through completion. Coordinate efforts with art, production, editorial staff and advertising departments.

Online/Print Conceptualist. Involved in start-up of and conten and graphic provision for websites and running print jobs.

New Product and Company Initiative Coordinator. Inspire new product developments, marketing strategies, event planning, work optimization and overall corporate efficiency & growth.

Digital Media Liaison. The technology, the web and society always evolve. Business development evolves along with everything else and lead generation has been changing along with methods of communication. People want to have conversations. Lets create a buzz by giving it to them.

Business Development 2.0
At C Power Designs, we believe that every business has a story just waiting to be developed. And we'd like to help develop yours. Lets discuss your mission, vision and values. We will analyze you fundamentals and goals in comparison to your current objectives and strategies.

Tell us about you and your company — your vision, your goals — and where you'd ideally like to see yourselves in a year. We'll take on the challenge — and respond back with some concrete ideas about how you can get there. Whether you're new to the idea of PR and marketing, or have had past experience with another agency, we'd like to hear your particular marketing and/or PR challenge. Because we've never encountered a challenge that we didn't meet ... and we've never met a company that didn't have a great story behind it just waiting for us to tell to the world.

Business Development 2.0 Services
Branding and corporate identity programs Concepts and Implementations
Public Relations & Community Awareness Campaigns Event planning and Execution
Networking and business building Marketing and Advertising Plans
Strategic and create marketing plans Complete Business Development Plans

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